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Our Price: $12.97

Product Details
Package Length:6.2 inches
Package Width:4.2 inches
Package Height:1.7 inches
Package Weight:1.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 5 reviews

Customer Reviews
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 5 customer reviews )
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5It’s fantastic!  Aug 03, 2014 By Kurt A. Johnson
D. L. Clark Company was founded in 1886, in Pittsburg Pennsylvania. The company was best known for its chocolate Clark Bar, which was sent over bulk to America’s W.W.1 soldiers, who formed a lifelong attachment to it. Since its founding, the company has changed hands many times.

Teaberry gum has a flavor that is hard to describe, as it really doesn’t taste like anything else. It is smooth and sweet, with a taste you will never forget.

When I was young, a local drug store carried a wide range of candies, including Teaberry gum. Whenever I could I would go and buy a pack, and to this day the Teaberry taste takes me back to my youth and that drug store with the giant racks of candy.

So, if you want a great gum that tastes like no other gum out there, then buy Teaberry gum. It’s fantastic!

5Can't find this in any store  Jan 23, 2014 By James Ritchie
This is a favorite flavor of mine from when I was a teen, and I thought it was no longer being manufactured. What a great surprise to find that Amazon still carried this gum. I'm still enjoying to great taste I remember as a kid. Thanks for making the unusual available.

4love this  Sep 09, 2013 By leslie cormier
The taste and smell are wonderful. I always loved Teaberry gum and you can't find it in the store. o

4no artificial sweeteners, but has corn syrup in addition to sugar  Feb 10, 2013 By stacy
So great to find this nostalgic gum flavor online when you can't find it anyplace else. If you know of this gum flavor then you already know the flavor isn't especially long lasting, but it has a nice subtle flavor while it lasts. After I purchased this online and tried it out, I found the flavor was a bit more muted than I recalled. However, I figure it's equally possible that this could be due to a problem with my nostalgic recollection of the flavor versus a change in the formula.

The individual gums pack are shipped together in a shrink wrapped package stamped with a note that the gum is distributed by Clarkgum Co. (Buffalo, NY) and made in Mexico.

I bought this partly due to nostalgia and partly due to searching for some gum made with just sugar. Please note that this gum is indeed made with sugar rather than artificial sweeteners like aspartame; however, in addition to the sugar they also use corn syrup. So far I haven't been able to find any gum that completely cuts out the corn syrup and the artificial sweeteners so this may be the best you can get these days.

5Love this gum!  Nov 27, 2012 By Anonymous
There is no other gum like this! It is a unique flavor that lasts a long time. The chicle gum base is a nice smooth chew, Way better than the artificial rubber that most companies use!

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